Jamaican Oxtail Stew
  • Jamaican Oxtail Stew
    Jamaican Oxtail Stew

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Ya Mon! Special of the Month

Jamaican Oxtail Stew

Jamaican Grill declares August... Jamaica Month!
In honor of her 56th year of Independence, let's get together and feel the good celebrations with this classic dish of Jamaican Oxtail Stew.
Tender US Choice Oxtail meat is slowcooked to fall-off-the-bone perfection! Taste also the Jamaican herbs with each spoonful of Jamaican rice, stewed carrots and potatoes. Pairs well with a pickled salad and our savory Jamaican beef patty.
With one order of Jamaican Oxtail Stew, get one Bundaberg Ginger Beer for Half Price with the code “JAMAICAMONTH”
*While supplies last

  • US Choice Oxtail meat...