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  • Shrimp Fish & Chips
    Shrimp Fish & Chips
  • Taotaomo’na Burger
    Taotaomo’na Burger

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Taotaomo’na Burger

Cheesy & Beefy with Smokey Denanche… A serious mouthful that BITES back! Fit for a Warrior CHIEF! Try it today! Ya Mon!

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Shrimp Fish & Chips

Classic British dish enjoyed with a serious tropical twist! Fresh catch of the day and succulent shrimp friend in a unique Jamaican Red Stripe Beer batter with Jamaican Jerk Seasoning. Enhance each bite with a dip in our creamy Pika Tartar sauce or Sweet Jerk Vinaigrette. A side of Coleslaw adds a light crisp touch.


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